How much can you sell pine nuts for?

Pine nuts grow in the forests of their home countries of China, Russia, North Korea and Pakistan, not on farms. The majority of pine nuts in the United States are exported from China, which produces 8.1 megatons of delicious nuts each year, according to Kong. Pine nuts aren't as common as other nuts, but demand continues to rise in the United States and Europe. And, in some cases, small nuts make a big trip around the world before they're ready to be blended into a batch of pesto.

They're incredibly tasty and they're very tasty, Linda Grimo, manager of Grimo Nut Nursery in Ontario, Canada, told TMRW. Grimo added that it's not the same as climbing a walnut tree, for example, since the branches of the pine tree are tighter. So even Grimo, a woman who has access to a nursery full of nut trees, doesn't cook with pine nuts as often as she would like because of the price. And on the other hand, there is the exorbitantly priced pine nut, which makes teardrop-shaped nuts look like the caviar in nuts.