Are almonds cheaper than cashews?

Price comparison between cashew nuts and almonds As you can see, cashew nuts actually tend to be a little cheaper or similar in price to almonds. The sources we found above show that a pound of almonds is a few dollars more on average than cashew nuts. When you get smaller quantities, such as ounces, the prices aren't much different. No, cashew nuts are no more expensive than an almond.

However, if you compare the two, you'll find that cashew nuts are more affordable than almonds. You can save a couple of dollars per pound of cashew nuts more than a pound of almonds. Some nuts also face long periods of growth. Almonds are better than cashew nuts because of their higher percentage of vitamins, fiber and protein.

Almonds contain less carbohydrates, sodium and sugar. Almonds have a better glycemic index than cashew nuts, resulting in lower increases in blood sugar. This, combined with more fiber, results in better digestion than cashew nuts.